Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Holy Gaming

I have a group in a religious school. Today, the school had held some function, and we were asked to relocate to a nearby synagogue. While less comfortable than a classroom, the prayer hall of the synagogue was certainly roomier and more atmospheric, with its stained glass windows and booming echoes.

I rose to the dais, placed my books on the stand and called the kids, one by one, to receive their blessed character sheets. As I called out their character names, my voice reverberated eerily in the large empty hall. Perhaps pacified with the heavy atmosphere, the group was utterly silent, a rare event indeed when kids are involved.

This is more or less how it looked...

After I finished distributing the sheets, I said, “let us recount the events of last session. And so it came to be that the PCs did evil in the eyes of the DM and he sent a great host of undead to smite them for, eh,” at this point I rolled the dice, “19 points of damage and lo! For the damage was great and even caused the wizard to bleed. And on that day the PCs knew that I am DM and I roll high. Amen. Now, consulting the sacred list of initiative, we see this is the turn of righteous elf seeker Nanoc, long may he live. Speak now in great reverence and let your words be backed by the rolling of the die as it was decreed in the Book of Laws.”

Hilarity ensued.

As always, if you enjoy my yarns either because I’m such a charming and droll fellow, or because I happen to occasionally find myself in the center of amusing events, feel free to contribute to my Levantine fantasy anthology. Everything helps!

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