Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Marriage of Hell and Hell

Towards the end of the year, I like to work with my students on adventure design so that they could run their own cool games in the summer. One of the kids, aged 9, wrote a rather curious story in lieu of an adventure. I have done my best to translate the story as literally as possible. My sole editing contributions were replacing the &s with periods, and normalizing the tenses.

If get a permission, I will translate other adventures as well. If anyone is curious about the efforts of previous years, feel free to take a gander through these posts

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Source: Book of Vile Darkness
In Hell
Hell is a world full of fire, lava, evil and scary creatures such as demons and spirits. In this world, the demons command the spirits to build them palaces, villas and big houses.
The demon prince Tomro was in love with a spirit named Serena. He wanted to marry her, but his father, the king of darkness, Satan, did not let him marry a spirit and declared a contest for the prince. The winner would marry the prince.
The prince had no choice left but to run away from home. At night, he took his girlfriend and fled. He passed through heaven and everyone was surprised to see him there. Then he went to the forest and fought with elves. Then he realized he loved his home.
However, if he returned, his father would kill Serena. The Prince married Serena in the forest and they had a child, and then the Prince returned home alone.
Each week he went up and visited Serena and their child until his father died and the prince became the King of Hell. He stopped enslaving the spirits and brought Serena to live with him.