Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mini Adventure -- Aliens and Zombies vs. Wizard Super Spys

In honor of Passover, I’ve challenged my students to design a campaign that will mix at least three different genres. This is what they came up with by means of popular vote and some under the table kicking.

A wizard accidentally summoned aliens that animated all the dead people on the planet and took over the world. The players are secret agents granted special powers by the wizard in order to save the world. The game starts in a giant hedge labyrinth where an item that closes the gate into the alien’s world and kills all the zombies is hidden. The aliens can’t go into the labyrinth, but the zombies can.

The following encounters can occur inside the labyrinth (roll d20):

1. Villages that are not aware of each other
2. High tech ruins that allow progress
3. Local time anomalies that speed or slow time
4. Giant worms that live under the ground
5. An evil giant hiding in the trees
6. Time portals that take you to different times (you must find way to return)
7. Giant spiders that erase memory
8. Ant-sized people with knives that attack humans
9. A Minotaur
10. Harpies
11. Gargoyles
12. A Hydra
13. Stones that explode when you step on them
14. Places that turns people into primitive savages
15. Scary Ghosts (like in the Grudge)
16. Places where dead people turn into zombies and zombies come back to life
17. Animated boots that kick you in the ass
18. Birds that poo acid
19. Bats that spit poison
20. A tree dragon

Character Generation
Distribute nine traits between body, mind and spirit. Then roll a d20 twice to see what special powers the wizard gave you.

1. Hypnotism
2. Teleport
3. Invisibility
4. Eye lasers
5. Bulletproof
6. Sound waves
7. Nuclear rays
8. Summon dragon
9. Super speed
10. Speak with dead
11. Safely store stuff inside your body
12. Acid urine
13. Turn to wind
14. Turn to statue (yourself or others)
15. Flaming Fists
16. Telekinesis
17. Regeneration
18. Time vision (see what happened or will happen to an object)
19. Read thoughts
20. Turn into whatever you're touching when you're scared and turn back when the danger is over
21. Instant sex change