Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Limit of Lesbianism and the Art of Chainsawing

Most excellent and noble ladies and gentlemen, it is time to tell you of our second Fading Suns session.

I am writing about this session more than a month after it had happened and without notes to refresh my memory. If any gross mistakes or omissions are found in the text, I trust my players would be so kind as to correct me. If you’re interested in my previous games with this group, take a look at the first session and at Niki’s brilliant idea from a different game.

While contemplating how to respond to the Decados challenge, the group spent several hours socializing with the other nobles. It was decided (by the men of the delegation) that that the perfectly straight Op-la should seduce the equally straight Rene Hawkwood, because the latter is rumored to be a pirate and thus must be a Lesbian. Needless to say, while the two women had a perfectly pleasant conversation, nothing exciting ensued.

Drake noticed that the Princess had obvious latent psionic talents, which her deeply religious family had suppressed. He started talking about philosophy and art with her. Given the Princess’ constant giggles and rosy cheeks during the conversation, it’s possible that Drake had done a too good job in swaying her heart...

Drake teaching the princess about the art of the mind. The King does not approve...
Art by Yan, player of Drake

Dovis Lax, always the schemer, socialized with everyone and overheard many interesting rumors, including that Shaquille is hardly interested in marrying the Princess (or indeed, any woman) and thus offered to support whichever party paid him the most. He also acquired some highly illegal surveillance technology from the Kodaks delegation, which he employed to good effect to spy on the Decados. Low on cash, the delegation had stated that they will straight-out murder Shaquille if he interfered in their affairs. The statements had a profound effect on the young nobleman and he excused himself for the rest of the evening.

Young Quintus, despite his tender age and small stature was more than willing to face his accuser in the field of honor, something that would have doubtlessly resulted in his death. Knowing how stubborn the boy is, the group had devised a plan how to save his life without antagonizing him or compromising his honor. They staged a fake attack on the group’s suite and had Op-la and Quintus bound on the floor. At the same time, using his amazing control over his body, the somatic Drake changed his appearance to look like Quintus and fought in his stead.

"Gimme the sword, I can kill him, no problem at all!"
Source unknown

The chainsaw-wielding Decados duelist was no weak foe, but eventually Drake defeated him, garnering much admiration from the guests and the King. Afterward, Quintus was released and it was made clear to him that the rest of the delegation looked for him while he was in the bandits’ hands. To save his reputation, Drake fought in his stead. Quintus accepted the news with good grace, but also visible disappointment.

Throughout the duel, the pious (yeah right) Flint whispered religious promises in the King’s ear, making him further well-disposed toward the Van Gelder delegation. All would be well, if not for one little problem – Lord Arthur of Hawkwood, an experienced duelist and soldier, has strong suspicions about whether it was really Quintus fighting in the duel.

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