Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suprior Races (and Classes)

Unlike in previous years, this year I offered all races and classes available to all age groups. Some translation won't kill me and I am curious to see which would be the most popular. While it is difficult to point at a leading class, a very clear racial favorite is the Shardmind, whom I call Crystalman, because shardmind sounds very silly in our language, which is quite silly to begin with. The shifter is also worthy of note, while not very many kids chose it, the ones who did were very passionate about it. Alarmingly so...

While PHB 1 races are still popular, especially the Eladrin and the Dragonborn, practically no one had chosen any PHB 1 classes, even groups playing for the first time and not having any stigmas against the book as "old and boring." It should be noted that my PHB 1 book is in Hebrew and the others are in English, which might give them a mysterious and exotic air and sway impressions a bit. The Shadar-Kai, my favorite race, failed to interest even a single player ;(

I like to call Shadar-Kai, the October people and stress out that they are to Autumn what Eladrin are to spring. It seems this is a poor argument to pick this race next to "I can breathe fire!" or "I don't have to breathe at all!"

Two kids had invented races of their own - one had invented an elemental of darkness (which needs revision since it's WAY overpowered) and the other an apes that shoots five kinds of energy balls (balanced but lacks flavor.)

Not surprisingly, of almost a hundred kids, not one had chosen the Bard class or the Human race. Typical.

I think that in real life, I'm a human bard whose media is RPGs, no?

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