Saturday, September 3, 2011

Science Fiction for the Masses!

Friends say I'm addicted to exclamation marks. I say NOOOO!!!!

Anyhow, one of my kid groups had specifically asked for science fiction adventures for this year (well, I kinda brainwashed them for 10 months, but never mind that...). I'm quite excited about this, since this group consists mostly of older kids (12-13) who are voracious consumers of pop science and golden age sci-fi.

I didn't choose a system or a setting yet, but I'm presently leaning toward this one:

If we're going old school, we might as well go ALL the way. It's got mutants, it's got cybernetics, it's got generation ships - sounds like my kind of heaven.

Also, an announcement: my next post is gonna deal with general education and it's gonna start a major REVOLUTION!!!

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