Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gamma World - so far so good

Today I created Gamma World characters with one of my more experienced groups (aged 11-12). I can't say anything about the actual gameplay yet, but the character creation is certainly much more exciting, lively and  easier on the throat of the DM than in classic D&D. Instead of speaking for almost an hour about some 30 classes and races, while the kids look at you skeptically, you get to roll mutant origins, which is fun and exciting in itself, then you get to draw powers from a deck of cards, which is also awesome, and lastly you get to describe, or rather, to justify, your character before the rest of the group, which is fun and encourages creativity!

Also, the previous sentence was obscenely long. Good thing no one edits this blog.

DM: So, how does your character look like?
Kid: Dunno. Incredibly ugly I suppose...

Lo! for the words of the prophets are true!

So far Gamma World was awesome. Next week, we'll see how it works in actual gameplay. My campaign is based on Brian Aldiss' Non-Stop, by the way, so it won't be classic post-apocalyptic adventuring.


  1. I can edit it for you, but I'll probably make short sentences longer instead. I love complex long sentences!

    BTW, when are you going to introduce me to these weird little games of yours so I could comment on topic for a change?

  2. I've been trying for a while, either you or our Dark Warrior are always busy... come some weekend though, there's always [i]something[/i] on.... :)