Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gaming on the Road

I'm doing a game based on the road by Cormac McCarthy because it's what must be done. To get it all right I turned the AC to full power and closed the curtains so it'd be real cold and real dark and I talked real slow about how the world's dying and there ain't no hope left for nobody and how sun's smaller and weaker each day and ain't no more animals around and trees are dying and soon there'll be no nothing left at all but if kids play their cards right they could save this world still is what I told them.

Now imagine this without daddy
This is still D&D, mind you, with magic, fantasy races and wandering monsters. The main difference is the focus of the campaign will be traveling, survival and isolation rather than exploration of specific points in the world followed by insane shopping sprees in nearby cities.


  1. Interesting! Hope you do a follow up post.

  2. This site is called dndkids, and you're talking about running a game based on John Norman's Gor?

    Do you really think that that's remotely appropriate.

  3. Amy, if there's anything interesting to tell, I will.

    Anon, I do, and if you stay with us another day, I'll show you how! :)

  4. So you're going to rape your daughters until it turns out they liked it all along?

    Fuck you and everything about you, you misogynist piece of shit

  5. I could delete this rude and cowardly anonymous comment, but instead I will treasure it for its ironic value.

    Kynn Bartlett, the one who started the fashion of accusing me of misogynism, is a real rapist.

    Yes, the great social justice fighter, also known as Caoimhe Ora Snow, had been publicly accused of rape.

    The hero of the Gor novels is a kind and liberal collage professor who does all in his power to protect and respect women. Except for the professor part - so am I.

    Lastly, who placed the words "fuck" and "rape" and "shit" on a page called DNDkids? not I...

  6. Uri, seriously and with respect - there is a deep and abiding strain of misogyny in the Gor universe, and an equally deep association with some fairly harmful aspects of BDSM. Sexual slavery isn't just the norm there, as you're aware, but put forth as 'a woman's place'.

    So here's my question for you, hopefully productive - how would you address some of the very real problems regarding gender politics in such a setting?

  7. I would not. I'm playing with kids for god's sake. I do not talk about sex, I do not mention sex, I do not think about sex.

    The only aspects I suggested using are flying mounts, cylinder cities and bug overlords. Everything else is not suitable. Just like if you make a game about WWII you should talk about heroism and excitement, not promote Nazism...

  8. But Gor is intrinsically misogynistic.

    I'm baffled as to why Gor and not just your own setting. Flying mounts and bug overlords aren't exclusive to the setting whose novels are all dedicated to raping women.

  9. Ah, but I did not tell to play Gor, merely that these specific elements are fun. Why did I even mention Gor? Because I believe in giving the author his due.

    Anyhow, take a look at the latest post in the blog.