Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Being the 0.004%

I don't usually play computer games, but when I do, I play games that stopped working on my PC about a decade ago. This three day orgy of red-eyed gaming left me with a profound understanding of the late King Kalak. So...

I have finished Master of Magic and can now become a productive member of society again. I wanted to rule the races of the two worlds as a benevolent sorcerer-King, but they kept supporting other wizards, so I killed them all and burned their beautiful cities to the ground. Yes, to feed my insane quest for magical power, I had carried out the genocide of more than a million dark elves, draconians, humans, halflings and orcs. Not even my most loyal subjects were spared. By the time I finished, the civilian population of the world numbered 176 dark elves, who are now extraordinarily rich since the wealth of millions was divided between them. Just to make my crimes even more audacious and self-centered, I will assume all these elves are employed in the entertainment industry, are hot chicks or, better yet, both.

My four horsemen of the apocalypse about to obliterate the keep of yet another wizard. None were spared.

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  1. Have you ever played Age of Wonders?

    If you liked MoM, you are very likely to like Age of Wonders.