Saturday, November 12, 2011

I rule. You don't.

Back in the day, there was an epic scandal about an article I wrote listing the differences I observed between the way boys play and girls play. Some people, who are either aliens or imbeciles (I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt) got the murder hard against me because it's sexism to say boys and girls are different. Either they think that if you don't talk about an issue it goes away (not unlike our politicians feel about social issues) or they have gender issues that are too complex for us mere mortal to understand. I mean like, if they removed their pants your brain would explode. Kynn their master was charged with rape though, so I'd grant them that.

They do know a thing or two about sex... NOT!

The only expression a non-oppressed girl is allowed, according to them.

Anyhow. A couple of days ago I've met with badass psychologist who specializes in teenagers and kids to talk about D&D, because I don't talk about anything else with anyone ever (true story). I talked with her about my articles and the war of words that followed. She fully supported my observations and said they match the teaching of the holy trinity (Freud, Jung, and Lacan. Amen) and even explained some of the things I observed, but couldn't understand, like why younger girls like to play short and broad characters while boys like to play tall and stringy characters.

Anyhow, now I have science AND experience on my side. My enemies got rape charges and hopefully blood pressure high enough to blow the tire of an eighteen wheeler.


Thank you.

This has been emotional.

The only expression I allow for kids of either gender to have!

Okay, now that I have that off my heart I can start talking about D&D again. I know some folks are curious about this, so that will be my first post. Then I will write about... dunno. What do you want to hear about?


  1. You rule. And that is an AWESOME picture =)

  2. Actually you don't rule. You a sick, sexist, demented violent woman-hating pervet. Do us all a favor and step out in front of a bus shitlord.

  3. "Come see the violence inherited in the system!" :P

  4. I didn’t know you’d made shitlord! When did you level up?

    I ran an RPG club at my daughters’ middle school for a few years, and the observation that girls and boys of that age (12–14ish) play differently is a no-brainer. Where one might get into trouble (not that Uri would intentionally ever want to get into trouble…) is extending that to saying that girls and boys as a group should only play in one particular way, or that individual girls and boys are incapable of playing in any way other than the way that most others of their sex play.

    Both my daughters hate high-school math, and that’s the reality of their lives. It would be wrong to extend that to any kind of “All girls hate math” generalization, but it’s equally wrong to tell me that i’m wrong to even be making that simple and direct observation.

  5. I did, and with great power comes great responsibility.

    Also, I agree with every word you've said. Personally, I went out of my way to get girls (young and old) to experiment traditionally "masculine" gaming styles, achieving moderate success. Hell, I even got two ladies to start DMing and now they bloody love it!

    As I said before, I write what I see with my own eyes - not more, not less. I don't write what I think should be, or what's universally true for all sentient beings* in the universe.

    *Except the Borg. They're really all the same.

  6. "Actually, you don't rule. You are a sick, sexist, demented, violent, woman-hating, pervert. Do us all a favor and step out in front of a bus, Shitlord."

    Fixed that for you, Anonymous.