Thursday, November 24, 2011

Carry Your Game in Your Pocket

I constantly see people wasting precious time recording tons of game data when the sessions stops mid-combat. They write down hp, conditions, locations, plans and so forth. Then they lose their notes and an hour is wasted arguing "the badger was here!" "NO! It was one square to the left!"

It's barbaric.

Seriously, paper? in our decadent age of high technology and low morals? Furthermore, if you're like me - running 15 groups a week - all this book keeping will sooner or later drive you clinically and legally insane.

So instead of doing as our forefathers did, pull out your mobile and shoot twice - one pic of the battlefield and another of the game data. There - you're free to go home.

Gama data:
This pic's got everything - hp, conditions, initiative, a language you don't understand...

"There was ink and plastic everywhere!" The old DM sobbed.

Also - my next post will be slightly controversial. My loyal haters, please prepare comments in advance.

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  1. Yeah, people have that stigma of not mixing images and texts and it's a real shame...