Monday, January 16, 2012

The Origin of Magic (according to Russians)

A girl once went to the forest to pick some mushrooms and gorge on sweet berries. Although it was a lovely summer day, the sky suddenly opened and a torrent came pouring down, forcing the girl to hide under a tree. An hour passed and the rain showed no intention of stopping, so she removed all her clothing, put them in one of her bags and resumed picking mushrooms. Once the rain ceased, she put back her dry clothes and went home.
As she was walking, a forest spirit called leshii saw her and begged her to tell him what kind of magic she used to stay dry during such a wet storm. The girl said that she will teach him her magic if he in turn taught her his magic. The leshii agreed and taught her the art of witchcraft. All he got in return was an old bag.

Respect the power of witches and warlocks, but even more so, be wary of their cunning.

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  1. And that's how tales about witches dancing naked through forests sprang to life.