Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have decided to resurrect another post from my first and short-lived mythological blog. This one actually contains some real kabbalistic magic, use with care.

First you must know, my brothers, that Lilith, may her name and memory be wiped, is the worst of demons for she would not submit to her husband or any other man, as is the natural order of things and for that we call her the whore, the wicked woman, the foolish and the black one. And as knowledge is a virtue and a shield, read deeply and understand these secrets very much!

Lilith (pronounced Lay-LIT) was created along Adam on the last day of creation and was his equal in pride and superior in power. Immediately, conflicts arose between the couple regarding who should be on top during lovemaking. Since Adam couldn’t fight the mighty fiend, he prayed to the LORD to cast her away and create a more submissive woman for him; Eve, who paled in beauty compared to Lilth, but was obedient and meek. Later, when Adam and Eve were cast away from the Garden of Eden they chose to absent from sex for some years to atone for their sin. During that time, Lilth came to the bitter and lonely Adam and slept with him, giving birth to the first lilin. Eve, and later Cain, also had their unholy lovers, but that’s another tale…

Jewish tales are kinda hard to read...

After Adam and Eve reunited, Lilith chose to live among the demons of the Red Sea, where she mated with many demons and lilin and spawned a hundred monsters every day. Her promiscuity was not limited to demons; she often tried to seduce righteous men, and even their wives, heavens forefend! Sometimes, she would visit a man in his dreams and cause him to awake with unnatural lust for his wife. The offspring of the unions that followed these erotic dreams were usually dead babies with wings and tails. When not attending wild demonic orgies or seducing the righteous, Lilith protected her favorite animals – owls, hedgehogs, oryxi and black kites. She also tended for bushes and plants in arid areas.

Never forgetting her humiliation at the hands of Adam, Lilth started strangling little babies in their cradles* after her second exile. To protect mankind, three of God’s angels were sent to capture her and set before her a divine ultimatum; first, a hundred of her children will die every day, lest the lilin outnumber Man and befoul the world. Second, Lilith should never harm boys older than eight days and girls older than twelve days.
However, Rabbi Ben Sira discovered a way to fend off the vengeful demon; hanging a talisman baring the names Snoi, Snsnoi, Smenglef (the three aforementioned angels) above the sleeping baby scares away Lilith and casts her back crying into the night.

Presently, Lilith lives in the deserts of Africa and Asia and her voice can sometimes be heard late at night, mixed with the baying of the hyenas and the hooting of the owls. Those blessed with wisdom can learn great secrets from her laments, but God forefend they should do so, for this wisdom is mixed with ill seduction and dark urges and spoils the pure minds of righteous men.

This talisman will protect your children from Lilith's claws:

Talisman against Lilith - proven and tested
Taken from Book of Raziel the Angel


  1. I like how angels in Jewish mythology look really... weird.

  2. The one to the left is actually a delicious tropit.