Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The giant giant adventure

I wasn't in the mood to run any games today, so instead I decided to exploit the brains of ten kids in order to create a campaign. I quite like what this reluctant committee came up with.

None of the kids drew anything, so here is some generic art...

The PCs are people trapped inside a huge giant (the "giant giant" in their words). His massive organs conceal entire kingdoms of magic and technology, where most structures are sentient and many are also sapient. Even new buildings, once completed, soon become animated and eventually gain sapience. While the kids didn't specify the size of the giant, I took the impression it's around 700 kilometers high, quite fat, and incredibly flatulent/ seismic.
The campaign can go in two directions: the PCs can either battle various threats to the world's health, or they can try to find an exit from the giant's body and flee this odd prison. Below are some nice encounters and side quests the PCs can have along the way:

  • Evil exterminators who wish destroy everyone who isn't part of their cult in order to prevent the spread of disease in the giant's system
  • Massive tapeworms roaming the giant's body
  • Crazy snipers who kill everyone they see for no reason at all
  • A place with magical milkshakes, including secret shakes that can turn you into a a god. Several people already had such shakes, which is why there is a religious war inspired by preference for different flavors. Each flavor now has its fanatics who roam the area and attack anyone with the wrong taste in milkshakes
  • A secret elevator that can take you anywhere but always eats one of the passengers
  • Destructive bodily functions (the kids were very graphic about them, but I will spare you the details...) that can lay waste to entire communities with tremors, floods, and poison gas
  • A forest that only good people can pass through, but the guardian of the forest is a crazy killer
  • A huge pool of sapient milk that can be used to create magical milkshakes, the pool is aware and hates impure and dirty things
  • Roaming perverts and "teenagers of loose morals"

The kids have suggested many side quests for this campaign. Most were just kill this, kill that, kill, kill, kill... Below are some of the nicer ones. The last two were presented to me as boss fights that need to be won in order to complete the campaign:

  • Locate the holy diary of a man who discovered how to leave the giant but was eaten by the elevator
  • Have a lesbian marriage so that the gods give you more power
  • Help a very nice witch, who curses anyone who helps her to work until they die
  • Destroy a kraken that's turning into a cancerous tumor inside the giant's body
  • Defeat the evil king of worms and sickness who wants to murder the world

I asked the kids what characters they would like to play in such a campaign. These are the replies I got:

  • Werewolves and werehedgehogs
  • Cockroaches from the sewers realm
  • Giant butterflies that drink blood
  • Living milkshakes from the milk pool
  • Mimics that look like food but actually eat people
  • Wizards and shamans from the forest realm
  • Smurfs. Just smurfs.
  • Living floor tiles
So, here is the campaign. Looking forward to give it a test run! 

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