Monday, August 22, 2011

Moral Dilemma #2

If you haven't read part 1 do it now. Otherwise this post will make little sense to you.

A mighty argument erupts among the party. The majority wants to heal the raving beast, despite my repeated statements that this is simply impossible. They try this, they try that - all fails. They fail because they have to, because this is the stuff of tragedies, because life isn't always fun and flowers, occasionally you have to wake up and smell the carcass... but I digress.
A minority of two kids wants to kill the beast. One because he is a paladin sworn to protect those peasants and the other is simply mean. The mean kid is locked in the kitchen by the others. The paladin is closely watched.
The majority includes a radical minority as well - two brothers, a ranger and a druid. They care about the animal much more than about the peasants. As far they're concerned, a few hundred deaths are worth the survival of one rare monster. Hell, they'd gladly kill those peasants themselves to save an endangered animal. They'd gladly kill them just to see them eaten by crows and vultures.
So saving attempts go on, many PCs drop to 0 hp, the ship is about to crumble and the beast is still mad, lashing viciously against crew and vessel. Seems that the kids, in their youthful optimism, will keep on trying to save everyone until everyone is dead.

When facing a moral dilemma, consult the Good Book

Suddenly a round of cannon fire rocks the ship. A quite boy passed me a note, "I fire the canons in secret." The beast is dead and the class is dead silent.
One boy, on the brink of tears, says, "I did what you all knew had to be done but were too cowardly to do. Hate and scream if you want to. You can even kill me. You know I did the right thing."

Sometimes, there is no happy ending.


  1. Damn, life lessons through D&D.

  2. They thought that through this game they could escape the horrors of life.

    They thought.

  3. That is That was no quiet boy. It was a brave man.

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  5. Glad you like it. Like a harsh father figure, winning your blog-approval means a lot to me :)

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