Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 XP

So, how was 2011? I have made the transition from a hobby gamer to a professional gamer, working full time in the field as a freelance writer and afterschool instructor.

As a writer, I had the exciting, but challenging task of writing two books in a field I was not experienced in, an endeavor I feel I have learned a lot from. The first book, Traveller Core 9: Robot has already been published to good reviews. The second one, Traveller Supplement 9: Campaign Guide, will be published next month. I consider it as my greatest works in the sci-fi gaming field ever.

My job has the strangest dress code...

The second experience, DNDkids, was more ambiguous. Writing for Wizards of the Coast about my day job has brought me levels of attention I was not used for. This included many flattering or enlightening communications, but also the ire of self-righteous, social justice coach crusaders. I have also met some excellent people during the scandal and learned a lot about the way the internet works. Finally, I saw karma at work, as someone screamed all over the net I'm a danger to society because of my views turned out to be a rapist. Hence – ambivalence.

Concurrently, I worked on three large projects of my own; two of which came into fruition this month and another one is sort of creatively stuck. The first project is Tales from an Israeli Storyteller, a story cycle transforming my native Israel to a modern fantasy setting. The second is RATS, the greatest RPG ever! The third one is still a secret.

Great pizza for great gamers

In the personal field, I have made a lot of new friends in the LARP circles, neglecting my saner companions in favor of obscene amounts of gaming and geeky discussions into the sunrise. However, as a worm about to explode might say, I regret nothing!

In non-gaming news, I found myself cast in the role of the Other Man in a brief, but rather intense relationship, something I'd never think a good mama's boy like me would ever be involved in. It ended as abruptly as it began, but left many fond memories and new experiences. And in the end – this is what counts.


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