Friday, August 12, 2011

...and we’re back!

If you’re reading this, chances are you already know who and what I am. The Events saw to that. Nevertheless, I’ll introduce myself yet again. I do so like introducing myself.

My name is Uri Kurlianchik (if you value your sanity, don’t try to pronounce it!). I’m an RPG instructor. I play D&D with groups aged 9-12 in a dozen schools and community centers. This is an after-school activity, a regular class if you will, only instead of being tedious, it’s fun. In the summer, when schools are closed and kids are bored, we have various workshops, such as arms and armor crafting or adventure building, and run large LARPs with foam swords and cloth armor.

Don't you wish your gym classes looked like this?

I am also a freelance game writer. I’d written a couple dozen adventures, stories and articles for Paizo, Wizards of the Coast, Mongoose and other less savory venues. Best not dwell on that...

DNDkids is the union of these two vocations – an advice column for adults wishing to play with children (previously published by Wizards of the Coast, presently by Geekcentricity), a collection of funny table talk gathered from dozens of tables and hundreds of mouths, gaming materials created by kids for the benefit of playerkind and my general impressions from a cool job with very cool people.

Don't you wish your history classes looked like this?

Of course, every gamer’s experience is unique. I’ve played with hundreds of kids, but they are all the products of more or less the same culture. You’re a DM from Timbaktu? A drow running an overlight game? A deranged cultist running a Call of Jesus game? Share your experience... for the benefit of all playerkind.

The next several posts will be summaries of adventures written by kids who participated in the adventure building seminar. Some of these were pretty wild! For example: hair monsters sent by the evil witch had stolen poor rapunzel’s hair, but there’s a twist. Also, look out for the Roman Time Bomb. It’s not what you’d expect...

An innocent smile. Or is it...?
A request: I’m mostly counting on word to mouth to promote this project and collect as many different perspective and funny table talk as possible. If you liked the articles or the table talk or my luscious beard - please tell a friend. If you hated it, warn a friend – this is also important :)