Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jails and Juvies #1

One of my groups managed to get itself arrested. At court, being nine year-old kids with twisted concepts of justice, i.e that you convince the judge through rhetorics rather than through gold and blackmail, they got sent to prison. Now, I could have skipped their incarceration and just continue from the point they got released, but instead I decided to roleplay the whole thing. I mean - a prison is a cool place (not really, but bear with me) - it's got gangs who control different sections and fight for control and honor, bad and honest guards you must deal with, conspiracies, injustice, chained monsters... it's kind of awesome. Except when you drop the soap in the shower, then everyone points at you and laughs. This is awfully embarrassing really.

To make this whole affair less random, the kids were offered an early release by the Lord Prosecutor in return for discovering who smuggles magical components into the prison and why. They started asking around rather conspicuously and gotten beaten half to death by the Sons of the Dragon, a dragonborn racist gang with real weapons. In retribution, they improvised weapons from spoons and chairs, joined forces with the elves and the eladrin and staged a full-scale assault on the Sons' cell. Unbeknownst to them, the humanoid guards were replaced that day by a new kind of guard, one which takes neither bribes nor nonsense - a golem.

Hilarity insured.
Art by Udon


  1. At first I thought you meant in real life... Just shows you how much faith I have in your educational skills.