Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going Back to Work Tomorrow

Would have been excited if I wasn't, eh, six hours past my bedtime. On the plus side, three new groups are beginning next week. One is a hellish gang of XP-chasers if ever there was one, the other two I know nothing about yet.

Just for the hell of it, I'm going to mention every time the group takes an extended rest that one of the moons of their world looks a little closer. Will see how many sessions pass before they begin to worry.

Let's hope it won't be that long...

That is all. Now I will sleep and dream of nasty things that can happen to PCs.


  1. what's with you and planetary collisions?

  2. I guess I just can't wait for the world to end...

  3. "One is a hellish gang of XP-chasers if ever there was one".

    The above makes me want to play a Sensate in a RP.
    Did i ask whether you've played Planescape Torment?

  4. You had and I did. Brilliant game if ever there was one. :)

  5. ok. Will try to remember this time.

    And yeah, brilliantly done, but i can't help wondering what it'd be like if done today.

  6. Maybe it's not a collision at all... maybe it's lycanthropy - they're slowly becoming delusional, and they've all become infected somehow without knowing it. :D

  7. Dark and brutal. Like my coffee.