Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dinosaurs in Israel

The wise and noble rulers of Modi'in, in their exalted wisdom and unbridled kindness, had elected to place life-sized dinosaur models in the parks of their city.

My co-DM making a peace offering to the newcomers.

This is SO awesome!

Okay. Let me elaborate. You obviously do not grasp the profundity of the awesomisity we're dealing with. The sheer epic win inherent to this situation. The triumph of geek delights over the banality of bourgeois urbanization.

I mean for crying out loud (and I am crying out loud right now) this is the city that officially encouraged D&D in schools as beneficial to the learning process. That urged us, the strange people who tell strange stories, to organize a fantasy parade in the streets of their city with full municipal backing.

This is better than Sparta.


And to the little ones too..


  1. That is very cool to see. I have to wonder if it's to any degree a deliberate, liberal, political response to the frequent (so I hear) fundamentalist Christian tourist presence in Israel. Personally, I hope so...

  2. I very, very, very strongly doubt this :)