Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ship or Planet as Mirror of 21st Century Society

An interesting exchange had taken place on the Facebook DNDkids (which way too little of you like, btw!)

I've made the following post:

Now there is a curious thing; I had a huge group (17 kids) explore a colossal spaceship. Then came the time to divide this group into two. I decided to do this inplay and asked each kid if he'd rather stay on the ship or go to the planet below. All kids aged 8-9 went to the planet while all kids aged 10-11 stayed on the ship. Theories anyone?

To which a learned gentleman by the name of Ramiel offered the following comment:

Aside from social structure conformity - kids tend to do what their friends do, and they tend to have friends the same age as they are.
I guess younger kids get board faster, and crave change of pace and seek stimulation by changing locale, while older kids tend to explore their options more thoroughly, to maximize their gain, before moving on.
Also, I think youngsters are more drawn to fantasy and planet exploration is a more familiar territory in that respect, while older kids begin to discover the appeal of sci-fi.
Lastly, I think young kids prefer a sandbox environment (where their imagination can run wild more freely), while older kids like the feel of a dungeon crawl better (where they have more control - or the illusion of it)

Now I don't accept the last point, sandbox obviously offer more freedom than dungeon crawl. But otherwise, the guy definitely raised some worthwhile points.

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