Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Young Superheroes

I have decided to try a superheroes game with one of my groups. To that end, I've told the kids that each superhero has the following traits: a mundane identity/ job, a heroic identity/ theme, powers, a tragic background, a heroic inspiration and a secret weakness. This is a summary of the characters they came up with.

Electrowizard is a mechanic who became a superhero after he accidentally electrocuted his family to death in their home pool, only to learn too late that he can also use electric shocks to save lives. He is hydrophobic, but still dedicated to saving lives.

Black Mask is a super hacker who can summon a deadly digital axe and zap his enemies through the internet. He swore to hunt and destroy evil hackers after his family was driven to poverty and disgrace and he was framed for a crime he didn't commit through identity theft.

Ring Man is a pilot who became a hero after meteor fell on his home and killed his family. Inside, he found a ring that allows him to create mobile power fields. Despite being a coward, he swore to use the ring in the cause of justice.

Lightning Bolt is a scientist who became a speedster who can pass through walls after he ran into a power line and was possessed by a sentient lightning bolt. He now seeks to understand his condition for the betterment of all mankind.

Cydog is a cybernetic dog from another dimension who has the ability to turn into a drone in the service of an evil, extradimensional computer. He was originally evil, but Lightning Bolt captured him and reprogrammed him to be good. Despite his great intellect a thrown stick or a whistle would still cause him to run and fetch any week of the day.

Super Smiley is a comedian with the power to make everyone laugh or cry, but sadly no ability to control his own emotions. The smallest mishap will cause him to laugh hysterically or weep bitterly. After being mocked and bullied his entire life, he now just wants to make others happy.

Craft is a football player with a giant brain who can erase and replace memories from a distance. His sister was poisoned by the villainous Doctor Hnanah, which also caused Craft to lose the game and ruined his career. He now lives for one purpose only -- to destroy Doctor Hnanah.


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  1. Whoa... inactivity for 5 months... dude, I wish I'd seen this half a year ago. How is/did the campaign go(ing)? Are you still doing what you do?

    1. Yeah, I neglected this blog a bit, I'm sorry to admit, but yes, I'm still running games in schools. The campaign went well enough, a hydra conspiracy to release a giant monster in the negev, magic stones hidden in tel aviv, haifa and be'er sheva, you know, the usual Marvel drill.