Saturday, April 21, 2012


Because this issue keeps coming up, there is one thing I need to clarify. This blog is my personal blog, used to speak about anything important to me at the moment. While it originally started with the purpose of sharing experiences from my job, it had since grown to be a general outlet for fantasy and gaming related ideas which are too long for social networks. Furthermore, since its inception, this blog was never meant for kids, but was merely about them, the implied audience being adult gamers who want to play with kids or are curious how is this different from their gaming.

So, I realize many of my posts these days have nothing to do with playing with kids and some of them are not even about D&D, but about fantasy or old games I'd run. I'm growing old and nostalgia begins to hit hard. Other posts are about my current project, Israeli Storyteller, which I am very excited about and hope to make you excited about as well.

In order to help folks find exactly what they want, and to avoid confusion of what goes where, such as wandering how come one of my players has children of her own... I will add the tag "kids" to any post directly about playing with kids. I hope this will sort out the confusion.

That being said, rest assured that more funny table talk and adventures will come soon. I'm not done with you yet, good folks!

To show you how diverse are the subjects discussed in this blog, I will now show you a picture of a cat:

This is my cat. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


  1. You can probably update the "About" segment as well

    1. Yeah... but then I wouldn't be living up to my reputation as a lazy bastard.