Tuesday, November 15, 2011

(Fantasy) Gangs in Your (Imaginary) Neighborhood

Little disclaimer:This is not a post about gaming with kids. This is a general gaming post. It might inspire adventures with kids, but as is it's not kid-friendly in the slightest. Clear? Good!

A while ago I decided to populate my setting with criminal gangs. The result lies before you, the first project I undertook not as a freelancer, but as a free man.

GANGWORLD offers game masters criminal organizations to plague their cities and victimize their players. Each dossier includes detailed information on the gang and ten adventure seeds, five for each side of the law. For a nominal protection fee of $1 you can not only acquire the dossier of one of these excellent gangs, but also avoid getting murdered! With today’s economy, it’s an offer you really can’t refuse!

Submissions, comments, reviews, ratings, raving and raiding are, as always, welcome. You know where to find us. You also know to come bearing a white flag.

The first gang is already available for bribing. Others will be uploaded every few days. For now, just look at some of the nice people you'll be meeting in the following months...

Sexually ambivalent drow matriarchs? Checked.

Vicious dragon supremacists? Checked.
Smart and sexy killers? Checked.

All art is the work of the right honorable Jamie Keys. If you like what you see, make sure to visit his dA!